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    I am gonna go back to school in 2 months and am considering solutions to record lectures. If I could use my trusty 650 to achieve this all the better. But I'm afraid the inbuilt mic just wouldnt be able to handle the sorrounding noise nor pick up the lecturer's voice clearly enough.

    I believe a mic attachment which plugs in to the 2.5mm jack (or to the 3.5mm adapter) might just do the trick. Something like this would be good. Does anyone know if it might work on the 650 if I were too use it with the jack adapter?
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    I have a Treo 750 and am looking for a similar solution
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    The behaviour of the socket is determined by what is plugged into it. The microphone may be connected to different connections depending on whether a cell phone headset or a combination stereo headset/microphone is connected. The impedance of the components determines how the signals are routed by the Treo.

    If I wanted to do this, I would cut the microphone off of a headset and connect an in-line socket into which the noise cancelling microphone could be plugged.

    Somebody smarter than I could make up a suitable adaptor cable by providing the appropriate impedances for the connections.

    The Palm Developers Guide for Palm_OS has the specifications of the audio interface.
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    you might be surprised at the quality of the built-in mic. the better recording softwares (eg Audacity) allow you to choose a sampling rate which will allow you to pick up a voice in less-than-optimal conditions -- I've taped spoken-word performances in fairly noisy club atmospheres with no trouble.
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    Thanks rayfield will take a look at that software

    Johncc I am not quite I understand what you are saying but thanks anyhow.. if you know somewhere I can buy a Mic & Converter thingy that I can just plug in please let me know

    Or any other alternative that does not require me cutting up wires or whatever I would definately like to hear

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