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    Okay well this has been on my mind for a long time, so I might as well share it.

    As we all know the bluetooth on the Treo 650 isnt all that good, but it does get the job done somehow. Now with my Treo 650, sometimes when I turn bluetooth on, and turn off hte screen, the 650 will a) take a while to respond if i tell it to turn the screen on or b) not do anything telling me the treo 650 is locked up and i need to pull out the battery to restart it (soft reset button wont do it as the screen backlight will not work)

    Other than that my Treo 650 is perfect. I never bothered to call PalmOne when i got this one as it was far better than my original purchase.

    Now I am a gadget freak; furthermore I love maps, weather and what not (i forget what that is called again). My parents got me hooked on it back in the Christmas of 2001 when they got me a tissot t-touch watch...THIS THING ROCKS.

    Anyways they always joke about what altitude we are at and such, and from then on, my interest and hobby in weather and maps and what not blossom.

    So here is what I am trying to get too, as i went off on a weeeeee bit of a tangent. As I said about the Treo 650's bluetooth (on mine) it works but about 90% of the i am worried if/when I get the Navigator 5 for my 650, i will be using the GPS, the screen will timeout (it does right even when using the GPS) and when i try to reactivate the screen, it wont work.

    Now to solve that I was thinking of getting the Go 700, a nice stand alone unit, albeit 4096 colours. However in terms of GPS tech it only uses the II technology and not the III in the Navigator. Furthremore it is way more expensive than the Navigator 5

    From expansys i got these prices pre-order prices:
    Go 700: 764.95USD
    Navigator 5: 289.95USD

    So yeah please help me put my fears to rest. Please tell me the screen on the 650 will remain on all the time so i wont have to worry about it locking up on me....

    Oh yeah another question...stab in the dark here as it was asked a think 1.3 billion cannot have a headset and the GPS connected at the same time with the Treo 650 right?

    thanks all
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    My understanding is that you won't be able to use the headset at the same time, but I don't know for sure since I'm still waiting for TomTom 5 to be released.

    What I do with my GPS receiver is use a program called AutoOff and set it not to turn off if I'm going to be using the GPS. This seems to work for me when I'm using some outdoor maps I use for boating. Navigator may have something like that built in, but AutoOff should do the trick regardless.
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    My screen never turns off when my TomTom Navagator (blutooth) is being used. Isn't it like that for everybody?
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    I'm eager to try TomTom with Navigator 5. What's the latest on when it will be shipping?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markito
    My screen never turns off when my TomTom Navagator (blutooth) is being used. Isn't it like that for everybody?
    Same for me. In fact, you can't even turn the screen off yourself while TomTom is running - you need to hit an app button to go to a different app before you can shut everything down.
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    oooooooo goodie goodie dont mind if the headset cant be connected...but knowing that the treo screen will be on is perfect.except that i will have to take it out of my case 1, and 2 get a CLA now i have to figure out if it comes with the car mount or not...or do i still go with the Go 700 and spend 1.2 billion dollars
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markito
    My screen never turns off when my TomTom Navagator (blutooth) is being used. Isn't it like that for everybody?
    I want the screen to stay on so I can see the map. I have a car charger so I don't have to worry abt the battery life. If using outdoors and have a battery problem I'll just get another one.
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    To answer a couple of questions for Tom Tom Nav. 4:

    1. I have not been able to use a bluetooth headset while connected to the bluetooth GPS unit. It's not really an issue for me.

    2. The screen *always stays on while in Tom Tom. The only way to exit is by hitting the Home or another app button.
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    I have mine mounted in the perfect spot just below the dashboard with a mount. I love it!
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    I bought the combo from the site below and it came with a vent mount which works great. Just like everyone, I don't have the software yet, but the hardware and mount are great. I like the mount for dialing and emailing (in traffic) as well.
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    OK, newbie questions on this - using the Navigator solution, when you're navigating and get an incoming call, what happens? Can you take the call and it is still navigating and showing the maps while on the call? Also - is the TomTom solution the best of the bunch? (I also was considering a standalone because it seems like larger screen, more functionality...but also much more $$)...and if BT headset doesnt work, guessing you must use a wired headset, right? Thanks....
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    Man i went to the proclipsusa website...that is amazing!!!...exactly what I am looking for...something that wont use adhesives or suction cups!
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    My understanding from reading (mines on order) is that TomTom basically goes on hold when you are in a call...when you drop the call and start tomtom it is able to start right where you left off...

    ...and I think its debateable (between TomTom and mapopolis) but my perception is more people prefer TomTom
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    When a call comes in, a window pops up asking if you want to answer the call or not.
    Tap on the "No" choice and the window goes away and you are still using TomTom.
    If you chose "Yes", TomTom goes away immediately and the normal call in progress screen comes up. Once you hang up, you must then go to the apps and choose Navagator. But the good news is that once you are back in Navagator, it automatically updates your position and you are back in business without having to enter the destination again.

    I absolutely LOVE my TomTom Navagator on my Treo 650 and that's even before I ge the new Nav 5.
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    Do you know if you can play Music (mp3 etc...) in the background when TomTom is running? I know RealPlayer and Pockettunes can play in the background of other applications but I'm curious if tomtom has a conflict.

    I'm planning to hook my treo through the stereo (audio out with a seidio 2500M) and hoping I can play MP3's through it with TomTom running (I'm planning to buy TT)

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    From personal experience -- I've simultaneously run pockettunes (while streaming shoutcast) and tomtom. The voice directions just get overlaid on top of whatever else you're listening to.
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    thanks onree...

    I just put in an order for a seidio 2500M, BT-338 GPS, 1Gb SD Card and Tomtom 5 (along with some cables to hardwire it all into my Honda's power & stereo system)

    sounds like it will be perfect for me (at least I hope so)
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    Sounds great!
    How much did that all cost you?
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    a bit...but work paid for the phone and covers the voice/data plans so this is a good deal for combo system that does GPS/navigation, MP3 Player that integrates in the Car and is Portable (+ we use Goodlink for Email etc..)

    Got most of it at Semsons...Seidio 2500M for $119, BT338 $144, TT5 $105 as a bundle and got an additional 10% off with a coupon I had...Got the Ridata 66x 1Gb SD card for $71 - $10Rebate from Newegg

    throw in a few bucks here and therefor stereo has an Aux Jack I'll use and I'll wire it into the electrical system in the dash. Also spent $20 for a proclip that customizes the mounting for my specific SUV.
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