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    I recieved zCover Tech Ice for Treo650. It indeed well-design and I really love it. just a quick reviews to share with you guys I am NOT related to the seller:

    1. Just as Palmgal, Drez and Docgo mentioned in early posts, the keyboard cover is quite thin, yet resilient, and no problem to type at all.

    2. blet clip, it's rotative. quite convenient to wear it vertically or horizontally. But have to use two hands to take it out, surely will not lost it or be stolen

    3, screen protector
    At the beginning I had no idea about how to put the screen protector in, it seems like it is different protector, not adhere to the screen, also with two longer wings. I stuied it for a while and did not figure it out.

    Finally found outthe instruction from their users manual. Clever design.

    All in all it's nice case for me so far.
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    I just bought my Treo650, need a skin.

    yours is leather?
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    You must REALLY love this case, every one of your 6 posts addresses it...
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    sure do!! just as I like my Macintosh.

    You MUST not pursue engineering
    So hard to image how much the engineers love to study such engineering design wizardry.
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    I got my Treo 650 case from Zcover and love it.

    Its great.

    All openings except the SD card and Battery/reset are avaliable and all have covers on them to protect including the camera.
    I thought i would hate the protector over the keys but it is perfect. It is molded with the shape of the keys and lines up perfect. you never realize you are not typing on the keys.The belt holder is close to your body and you can taek it off if you dont want to use it.

    Only cons are the usual with skins.
    No access to reset button or batter compartment

    Great Case
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    Hi guys, I did some homework for my Treo case, so far, zcover case on the top of my list.Your guys have case on hand, can you tell me a little bit more about the camera lens flap on this item? Does it fold back and stay back, so that you can take pictures without holding it there? Thank you guys in advance!
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    Yes there is a snap to hole the camera cover open so you can take photos.
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    I am in texas, how to get it?
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    anybody can tell

    the zcover for the treo 650 has a built-in screen protector cover that is part of the case, or is the screen open and uncovered?
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    Looks like it covers the keys. Nope, not for me.

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    check other posts, seems a nice case. Which color is better ICe one or Grey one.

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    here is what i got from them

    "The screen protector designed for Treo is unique clip on style. It holds by top and bottom screen frame of Treo. You just insert the screen protector into the seam between Tero screen and Tero Frame in bottom, and bent the screen protector little bit, insert it into the upper seam. It clip on do not need glue at all. Do remember to train you Treo at “touchscreen” section (go to "Prefs") to adopt the touch sensitive with screen protector. It works perfect."

    BTW, mine is ice clear, so nice
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    I just order a zcover case for my new Treo650. I prefer the keboard is protected. it seems no typing problem, right?
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    Am I the only ones who thinks these cases are just plain ugly?

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Quote Originally Posted by mediasi
    Am I the only ones who thinks these cases are just plain ugly?

    NO! They are ugly. I didnt like the looks of them the first time I saw them and like it less now; but thats what 'choice' is all about.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Z cover is fugly ,specially the color choices .
    However camera dust protection, covered keyboard are attractive .
    40 bucks for a skin case is too much ..
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    Yeah, can't figure out why they have some very cool colors for the iPod while their Treo cases are quite unattractive. Good features, but kinda nasty colors. The Boxwave skins look like the colors are much better, but without many of the great features (sigh).

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    their iPod colors so cool, I like their camo patterns better. Jungle is the best. not so sure they will make a patterned case for Treo.

    maybe for their keypad protection reason, under this multicolors, it may not be able to read the key symbols, just my guess
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    But the case fully encases the SD slot so you can't swap out your SD card for other SD cards? That's too bad. Also, I keep my treo in my pocket and skin cases tend to be very sticky/grippy and collect lint. Does this one have that problem also?
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
    Sprint Treo 650 CDMA
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    I have tried to understand if the touch screen works with the Zcover screen protector on, or if I have to have additional screenprotector on (a la boxwave)? How are you zcover owners doing it?
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