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    Quote Originally Posted by zipgb20
    I recieved zCover Tech Ice for Treo650. It indeed well-design and I really love it. just a quick reviews to share with you guys I am NOT related to the seller:

    1. Just as Palmgal, Drez and Docgo mentioned in early posts, the keyboard cover is quite thin, yet resilient, and no problem to type at all.

    2. blet clip, it's rotative. quite convenient to wear it vertically or horizontally. But have to use two hands to take it out, surely will not lost it or be stolen

    3, screen protector
    At the beginning I had no idea about how to put the screen protector in, it seems like it is different protector, not adhere to the screen, also with two longer wings. I stuied it for a while and did not figure it out.

    Finally found outthe instruction from their users manual. Clever design.

    All in all it's nice case for me so far.
    anybody knows zCover makes the case for Treo 700/ thanks
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    Can anyone tell me why it is hard to get the phone off the clip say to answer a call?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bsudyk View Post
    Can anyone tell me why it is hard to get the phone off the clip say to answer a call?
    I don't have any trouble with it.
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    Over 5 months now since I purchased my zcover. I take the treo out regularly to clean it and it still has not stretched. The rubberized speck cases stretched after a week or two, I'm glad I bought it.
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    pool shark can i take the whole plastic piece off in the back i mean the clip and the plastic connected to the case?
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