First-time poster here. I've been cruising the forum a bit and there is some great information here...and a LOT of it. It's a bit overwhelming for a new user. I'm computer-savy (mac), but this is my first Treo and first palm device in years.

I have read a lot about problems with getting the phone set up, hotsync, etc. Hence, this is what I'd like, if possible:

(1) Do I need Missing Sync in order to (1) sync multiple addresses from Address Book and (2) deal with multiple categories/calendars in iCal? I'm pretty sure iSync Palm Conduit doesn't support these functions.

(2) A step-by-step for getting hotsync to work via BT on my Mac. I have an idea, but I'm really not sure. So many people talk about how frustrating it is, so I really don't want to screw it up. If I'm asking too much, a point in the right direction would be appreciated.

(3) I've read about hacks to get internet access without using a data plan, something called a reverse DUN, etc. What features should I first go after as I get my 650 up and running? There is no way I'm paying $40 for a data plan via VZW and don't really need it...but I'm all for free ;-)

Thanks in advance. Let me know if i'm going about this the right way..