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    T6WS - Treo 650 Withdrawal Syndrome. No, you can find the symptoms described in any medical text, but it surely feels like withdrawal now that I am coping without my Treo 650.

    After returning four unlocked GSM 650s to PalmOne, I finally gave up, having concluded that I will never get a device where the call volume is loud enough to hear any place but a very quiet room. And in my effort to compensate, I set the already low volume to its highest level only to deal with the static and cracking sounds. Enough was enough! A $700 device should function well as a basic phone. So, 650 number four is now safely back in the hands of PalmOne.

    But it's not all smooth sailing. Now that it is gone, I find myself missing some of the functions that work really well on the Treo. Here are a few:

    1. Downloading emails was superlatively quicker than my Windows Mobile device - the iMate JAM. Windows Messaging, the pocket version of Outlook, is slow and not as efficient as VersaMail.

    2. There are times when a hard keyboard CANNOT be replaced by a soft keyboard. I took the Treo 650 keyboard for granted until I tried to access a couple voicemail boxes and make international calls using a calling card. My JAM, though I love it, could not handle it with the finesse' of the 650's keyboard. In fact, the Treo wins this one hands down.

    3. I also miss my Treo's out-of-the box synchronization with the native applications for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger). The only drawbacks are that event locations are not synchronized and only one address can be synced with the Treo. However, everything else worked just fine. To use my JAM with the Mac, I've had to purchase additional software. I have problems doing installations. I have to keep using a Windows machine for many functions.

    4. Attachments, even ones that should be more Windows Mobile centric (Word, PowerPoint etc) are handled better on the Treo. They actually retain some semblance of the original format.

    5. Finally, I miss being able to access the device SIM card without pulling out the battery. Moreover, it's just great to simply pop in an SD card with Palm software on it and have them run. My JAM, though beatiful in form and function, just can't do that.

    I miss my Treo. And while one of my good friends maintains that it is never wise to go back to an old girlfriend, if only that phone problem (the volume thing) can be fixed, I would gladly put out another $700 for a Treo 650. In the meantime, I'll just have to work on getting over my withdrawal symptoms.

    Thanks for listening, Treophiles.

    p.s. This is not a Palm vs Windows Mobile thread. I have been a diehard pocket pc user since Compaq sold the first iPaq. And I still love the Windows devices. But I am convinced that in terms of function and integration, there's no other converged device like the Treo 650. So, if you were ready to do battle over that subject, please put your weapon away...
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    I say keep watching the forums. It looks like pa1mOne is actually doing an update soon that addresses your issue. I am holding off on purchasing one (for the first time) myself to see if the new firmware truely addresses a lot of the problems I have seen. If it does, and the forums should show to some degree that it has, then maybe you should try again. Remember, the device is relatively new, and as we all know with MS and other software/hardware vendors in the computer world, nothing is all that fully functional until the first patch, maybe two. Never buy anything first rev.

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