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    Anyway to change the "Favorites" font size on the T650? Have changed Address Book font to largest available. Search found nothing.

    Second worst thing that happens as you get older is the loss of eye site. Thanx.
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    I found this on the Palm web site:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(33285),ts=Palm_External2001

    I guess you will have to paste it into your browser.

    Font size You can change the font size in the basic applications:

    Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memo Pad or Messaging:
    Each application has its own font setting. Start by launching one of the basic applications: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memo Pad or Messaging.
    Open the menus .
    From the Options menu, select Font.
    In the list of font options, the fonts increase in size and visibility from left to right.
    Repeat for the other basic applicaitons (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memo Pad or Messaging).
    In VersaMail, open the menus .
    From the Options menu, select Preferences.
    Under General, select Display.
    Select the Font box to choose font, size and style. Select the Unread and Read pick lists to change the color of the subject lines.
    Other third-party applications may offer different font options; contact the third-party software vendor for more information about changing the font size.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks for input. I have changed many of the ones discussed.

    If you go to "Phone" (green button) and hit "Menu", I can edit Favorites buttons, but have not found a way to increase Font sizes.
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    Google for "Fonts4OS5" - it will solve your problems - thought that might help you read it better
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    I use Fonts4OS5. Works great, though I use it with smaller fonts to fit more text on the screen.
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    as well do I, but there are lots of big fonts as well
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    I have the same problem- I need to change the font on the "favorites" buttons. I have downloaded Fonts4OS5 and followed the instructions, but I can't get it to work. I assume the "favorites" buttons are part of the "phone" application- what am I doing wrong??

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