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    Tried searching but didn't find anything. Using fileZ or BlueFiles I am trying to find the pics I've taken with my camera but not moved to my sd card. I'd like to either just be able to somehow select all the pics I've taken and move them to the card or just be able to manage them with bluefiles. I don't have an album that they are all in so I can't just do a send album. Or, is there any way to just make them all be in an album without going into the properties of each picture? Any help here would be great. Thanks
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    Within Pics & Videos, there is a move to card function. I imagine you can do this by picture, by select all or by album.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    The Treo 650 has a built-in A: Drive as seen in this post

    The pics are saved in the Photos & Videos directory when saved to the RAM.

    I use Resco Explorer to move my pics all the time.

    When I take pictures, I prefer to take them directly to the internal memory. Saving them directly to the SD card is real slow. So I take them and allow them save directly to the internal memory and then use resco to copy them into a directory on the memory card.

    This works great. Then I use WiFile Pro to copy them from the SD card to a directory on my website for archival purposes and sharing with family and friends.
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