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    My proclips kit arrived today (2 days early) and I installed it. I bought the custom clip for my Altima along with the iPod swivel holder that is supposed to work with my Treo while it stays in it case.

    I am replacing a spring loaded vent mount which fit the Treo nicely, but was wobbly.

    The Proclip holder has adjustable sides that slide in and out. You set them once for the width of your Treo and case. I had exchanged emails with Proclips before buying the unit. They told me that the holder has a lip on the bottom to keep the Treo from slidding out. In my situation the leather flap on the back of the case slides up against the back of the holder keeping it in place and keeping it from falling out the bottom.

    The holder fits the Treo snuggly, but not as tight as the spring loaded vent mounts which could be squeezed for a good fit. The clip mounts very securely and cleanly to my dashboard.

    I need to take the whole thing for a test drive to make sure the holder keeps the Treo in place. I can also use my wired headset and car charger while the Treo is in its holder.

    Take a looks at the attached pictures and let me know what you think. This is an expensive solution, but will be worth it if everything stays secure.
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    What kinda of vehicle you got there?
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    2002 Altima. Proclips has a mount made especially for it.
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    I have been using a ProClip for the Treo 650 in our motorhome for about 3 months - Its awsome, complete access to all buttons and rock solid. These are VERY expensive products, but nothing even comes close the quality and usibility; have bought other items from ProClip since!
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    I just took my new setup for a test drive. The holder and mount are very solid. No more bouncing around like the vent mount did. I also like the placement of being just to the right of the steering column. The screen is easy to see and the buttons are easy to access.

    Now I am thinking about a bluetooth headset to replaced my wired setup.

    Next week I have a 4 hour drive which will be a true test.
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    My ProClips and Treo Swivel mount came today. Install took 2 minutes (counting screwing the plate to the clip) and it looks perfect in my 2000 Explorer. Best purchase I have made in a long time. I am now looking into using the swivel adjustable padded iPod holder so that I can keep the 650 in my Vaja T65 -- we'll see if it works.
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    I gotta say the the mounts for the proclips systems are very slick. They have custom plastics for hundreds of cars that have been uniquely shaped to each dashboard.

    Expensive solution, but definitely top of the line.
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    I put the ProClip setup in my IS 300. It works extremely well. My only real complaint is the price.
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    i am so definately going to buy this..and also a treo CLA, and that app which leaves the screen on when you are charging
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    Just got the new vent mount being sold at Treocentral. Total piece of junk. It's basically a universal vent mount. Came with NO instructions, and could not figure out how to get the vent clips to work. Am trying it with the included suction cup for windshield, which works, but too wobbly. Lastly, the rubber backing on the mount (that goes agains the treo) was already peeling away right out of the box!!

    It's going back, and I'll spring for the proclip. My one question is whether their vent mount can work on the vent to the LEFT (ie, just left of the steering wheel, rather than the center mount). Have a Honda Accord, and would much rather have it off to my left side than in the middle....
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    Send an email to proclips with your question. They were very responsive to my emailed questions.
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    Got my proclips in one day with standard ground shipping. Not too bad! Installation took maybe took 2 minutes at most. Very easy, and the vehicle mount snapped in perfectly. The treo holder holds very well, and didn't see much shaking even on a bumpy dirt road. These are expensive, but well worth it.
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    I use the proclips I had for my Treo 600 and it works on the 650. However, mine does not work with 650 in Krussel case...
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    Another happy ProClips customer. After searching (of course!) ad nauseum, I decided to spring for the ProClips to fit T600 into an RX8 using this setup:
    Rock solid mount, looks good. Highly recommended.
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    I ordered my Proclip and mount assembly, then got an email that it was backordered. My spirits sank like the Titanic! But the next day I got yet another email confirming that the entire order had indeed shipped and spirits soared. Three cheers for ProClip!! Huzza! Huzza! Huzza!

    It arrived and installation took all of maybe 3 minutes. Two minutes of that was attaching the holder to the mount with the supplied screws and pre-drilled holes. I must say I was sceptical about how sturdy a mounting system would be considering it simply clips onto the dash assembly, no mounting screws or bogus sticky tape to hold it on. But this thing is rock-solid! Rough roads, potholes, all the charms of driving out here in the wilds of northern New Jersey, and nothing effects it. It just plain works, works great, and keeps working. I can't say enough about this system. Pricey, yeah, maybe. But cheaper systems won't work nearly as well, so what's the bargain if the cheaper product sucks? Proclip is worth every penny. (and no, I don't work for them!)
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    Just saw this and realized I never got back to this thread after returning the junky treocentral vent mount and getting the proclip. Just want to echo the above. The proclip is a lot more expensive, but if you want something that is solid, works and doesn't move around, this is it. And the swivel unit is very nice--puts it just where you want it....
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    i hate to be the lone malcontent but the kit they sent for my old Honda is barely adequate. it's supposed to clip over the a/c vent but the only way i can get it to work apparently is to wedge the top clip over the part of the vent that moves which means that 1) i can't move that vent up and down and 2) it's fairly easy to knock loose. it's better than some other solutions i've tried, and maybe it works better on later model cars but -- well, i'm still looking for a more suitable solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    I put the ProClip setup in my IS 300. It works extremely well. My only real complaint is the price.
    I looked on their site and it looks like prices are around $30-$50. Is that really expensive? My case cost $45.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    I just received my proclip mount for my explorer, and treo 650 swivel holder with the charger, installation was a breeze, rock solid, and it seems to connect to the treo very solidly. I have pics, you can email me for, or someone can explain how to post them here
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    earlier today when i was driving into work I thought about getting the integrated charger base. However I do have some reservations of course. Other than it being more expensive, I am always nervous about using 3rd party electrical equipment on my devices. However, then again I am using the Mugem extended battery.

    The reason for change, is well, i think it would be easier in the event if i had to remove my phone from the cradle. Although the connection may not be as great, I know the charger head is integrated in, so if it was lost i would just have to wobble it a little. Whereas with the p1 direct CLA, there is a chance of it just falling out of place. Plus when picking up the phone (if it came to that) i wouldnt have a coil cord attached to the treo with the proclips one, as opposed to the p1 direct one.

    to post pictures, you either upload them via an attachment (thru the "advanced" post reply window), or you go to a website, like imageshack, upload the pic there, and then use the [img ] [/ img] (no spaces of course) to show the picture directly

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