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    hi all,
    have 650 with DUN enabled (no hack needed, was unlocked GSM).
    set up BT on sony vaio laptop, all seems well.
    used cingular info given in variety of threads already...
    (used **99***1# NOT wap.cingular as number, as others generated NO response by my treo)

    but the response it DOES generate in my palm is simply
    "Unknown Application" with the only choice: "OK"

    (the laptop later times out)

    posts #510 and #511 of the long SPRINT DUN thread had same problems, but no one ever responded.

    (see post #320 on that thread for details on how to set up basics, no need to get another thread to 20 pages!)

    any one know what is happening with this "unknown application thing"?

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    any help from anyone?
    please! i'm dying here, and i have gone over the 6 hours everyone else said they needed to get DUN working
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    ok, this is my last chance to resurrect this question.
    i have private messaged the other people who said they had it, but no one answers.
    anybody have any ideas?
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    Your problem I have heard of before but I have no clue what causes it or how to fix it. My best advise to you is to hard reset the phone, and with nothing else installed give it a try. If it then works, something you have done to the phone is causing the problem.
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    I am having the same problem using the 1.28 firmware. Anyone figure this out?

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