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    Because Verizon's National Access data plan is so expensive, I am on the pay as you go plan which is $.015 per kilobyte downloaded It would be great if I found a program that could tell me how many kilobytes of information I use when I spend a few minutes on the web.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    Will H.
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    TrafficStat. You can get it from
    It does a good job tracking data used and you can set the "from" and "to" dates....I put the "from" date as start of my billing cycle.
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    This looks like it might do the trick for you.

    SmartPhone Tools
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    How about the stock app, i.e., call log > totals---- kbs sent, received, and total have been right on the numbers I get from #3282.
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    Go to Phone > Call log (center button) Hit totals button at bottom of page.
    More up to date that Verizon phone./web info (usually takes a few days to register on either of those)
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    Just found this thread in a search. My 'Totals' doesn't show any data use, even though I know I've used some. I have a UK T650.
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