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    I realized that I've been typing on the keys using my fingernails... And if the letters are painted on the keys, they'll eventually get rubbed off over time.

    I'm just wondering if I should be changing my typing style or if I shouldn't be worried. How do old Treos look these days?
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    My keyborad shows absolutely no wear and I have had my Sprint Treo 650 since it first arrived from PalmOne after I preordered it. My 600 that I had for about a year did show some wear on the 5-way but no keyboard wear.

    I'm not too worried because I'm sure I'll buy the next Treo when it comes out
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    the only wear I see is the button in the center of the 5 way has turned sorta bronze but no keyboard should be fine..
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    The silver paint on the top and bottom of my 5way button are completely worn off (can see the backlight through it). its from playing too much bike or die.
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    I think the "spring" in the keys wear out before the paint does. That darn "p" button issue kinda bugs me.
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    I use my 650 keyboard a lot and have seen no keyboard wear or response issues. I've had mine since they first came on in Sprint back in November.
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    Five way shows wear. Some keys are starting to not work on first depression. "P" is always getting in the way befpre "o".

    7 Months old.
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    Thanks all.
    I just got a skin case which covers the 5-way, so that should be okay.
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    Mine too has that same wear on the top and bottom of the 5-way key. Is there a way to replace this key? 3rd party or Palm?
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    only had mine a couple of months and I have to hit the P key a couple of times to get it to work.
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