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    Treo 650

    I am using a Boxwave Anti-Glare screen protector, the Treocentral skin case in frosted color and the Treocentral P6 pouch.

    It works for me. The skinned 650 is a little tight going in the pouch case, but it goes in and the magnetic flap closes easily. I think that over time this will loosen up and the Treo will slide in and out easily and stay securely positioned.

    I am happy with this combo that works for me.
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    I also have been using the Boxwave protectors, TC skin and P6 and I can't imagine a better combination. The "skinned 650" is very tight for the first day, and actually you have to keep "pushing" it down in the case to stretch it, however within a day the leather, with your help of course, has stretched enough that the "double magnet" cover has no problem securely fastening as intended. The "belt clip" is tight and does cause the case to stick out. Extremely secure and you can even feel the "vibration" when a call comes in.
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    please share
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    They both said Boxwave protectors...

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