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    The amount of Treo accessories listed on this site and others is overwhelming, so I'm hoping people can help me find the type of Treo 650 case I'm looking for:

    1. I'll be wearing it on my hip, so it should have a belt clip. I think I'll rarely, if ever, carry it in my pocket.
    2. I prefer to wear the phone vertically, not horizontally.
    3. I'm currently using a case that has a clip that can rotate, and this is bugging me, as it seems to rotate when I move around. I'd prefer the belt clip to be stationary.
    4. I like to keep my phone on vibrate only. The problem with the current belt clip on the case I have is that it moves the phone out too far from my hip, so the vibration isn't felt as well. I'd like a case that brings the phone in as close to my hip as possible so that I can better feel the vibration. Also, it helps reduce the bulge under my shirt.
    5. I'd prefer not to have a protector for the screen built into the case. That would interfere with my stylus taps, probably. I can always use a separate screen protector.
    6. I want the keys to be fully accessible and easily pressable. The current case I have slightly covers the directional pad, home and menu buttons, making them harder to use.
    7. This is a wish more than a requirement: I'd like a case that gave some cushion on the earpiece, as I find it somewhat uncomfortable when I hold the phone next to my ear. A nice leather cutout around the earpiece would be nice.
    8. I'd be willing to consider a pouch type of case if it meets most of my requirements above. If it's a case that you always leave on, it should have the necessary cutouts for access to all ports.

    Lastly, if I buy online, are there stores that allow returns if the case doesn't match my tastes? Or can you recommend good B&M stores that carry Treo accessories?

    Thanks in advance for all the help!
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    Look at the Seidio Holster for Treo 650, Bellagio Case for Treo 650, and Krusell cases.

    I think the vibrate on the 650 is pretty weak, so I think you are going to have a problem with that feature working well with any case.
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    Seems you tried a lot of cases, could you please give a brief review

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