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    My problem on my one month old 650 is I would like to setup Versamail but every time I click the icon it reboots. Anyone else have this issue?

    I have read threads regarding new firmware coming or firmware updates. My question is how do I check what firmware version I am on and where do I go to get an update if I need one?

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    I have a sprint Treo 650 and to check the firmware I go menu, options, phone info. Your firmware will be listed next to the word software.

    You will see threads on this board with links to the firmware when it is available.

    It will be posted on palm ones web site here

    I think its always a good idea to download the updates.

    To get versamail going again downlaod a file manager if you dont already have one and delete the files,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well here read this thread
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