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    Whenever I update anything in DateBK5 the ordinary Palm Calendar app loses all the records. Then when I hotsync it gets them all back again. I don't really mind as I never use the Palm Calendar, but I don't like the program not working as it should (plus my phone app will show 'no appointments' if I select the option to display them)

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Strange. I've used DB5 since I got my 600, and have had no problems like this on either the 600 or 650. Are you using the current version (5.4a)?
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    Use the LATEST dbscan and look for corrupt records and delete them. Lots of discussions on that here and in the real Datebk support group
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    Update: Pimlico software sent me a custom bug-fixed version and now the problem has gone away! How's that for customer service?

    There is one remote possibility here. PalmOne just released some more
    documentation on their proprietary PIM databases in which they mention that
    they now sort repeat records in a special order different from the standard
    PalmSource PIM application.

    I have updated DateBk5 to perform this same sort and it MIGHT have something
    to do with that. It does *NOT* affect any regular events though, only repeat
    events. But I am always a firm believer in fixing any known issues first. So
    far, only one other person even noticed this (it would only be an issue
    under rare occasions), so I'm not THAT confident this is even relevant, but
    let's at least try that.

    The attached release has this sort, so give this a try and see if it makes a

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