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    Hi all...

    New to this board. Wondering if a 2200 mah battery I am thinking of buying with these dimensions would fit in the Treo charger cradle battery drawer:

    Length: 2.05"
    Width: 1.45"
    Thickness: 0.42"
    Weight: 1.50 oz

    Might someone be able to let me know, or perhaps point me to where I might get the question answered? I don't own the cradle/drawer yet, or the battery, and don't want to buy the battery if it can't fit in the drawer.

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    If it fits in the Treo than wouldn't it have to fit in the cradle draw? What am I missing here?
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    because apparently some hi-capacity batteries were a tad bigger (fatter) that the OEM one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    the 2200 mAh battery i have is the same size as the OEM treo
    By the way, great review -- thanks for the effort and sharing.

    If I may tease you .. . . in your article you stated you did not have a digital camera. . . . . . what's that 650 you have in your hand?
    Unless you got a camera free version . . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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