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    Versamail pulls my Gmail nicely most of the time, but every few days it decides to pull down old emails which I've archived on GMail (and which I've previously deleted off the Treo multiple times). I want it to only pull emails from my inbox. Is this a common problem, and is there a fix?

    FWIW, when I delete emails off the Treo I do not check the "delete off server" box, mostly because I don't think you can delete Gmail off the server from Versamail (you have to go to GMail, send it to trash, then go to trash and "delete forever", so I mostly just archive).
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    I had to setup my gmail account to only send new mail to POP, and not all mail. This solved the issue for me, but you never get a copy of yoru older email.
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    I don't mind not getting copies of older e-mail. How can I tell my treo to only get *new* mail? Thanks... this forum has helped me a lot. First time user.
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    I've learned that Gmail seems to handle mail in its own way. If you get a new message in Gmail and then read it and archive it, you will still get it if you are checking via POP3. I think Gmail does something to make messages that have been downloaded. This is nice in some cases but not nice in others.

    I've resorted to using Gmail-Lite on the road because I kept having weird issues with Gmail and Versmail, Snapper, etc.
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    I've had a great experience with gmail and chatter and fastmail.. give it a try its a diffrent world believe me..
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