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    My wife just got a new Treo 650 for work (I'm jealous, I only have a 600!) and I am trying to help set it up. For various and sundry reasons[*] I don't want to sync it with any computer just yet. HOWEVER I want to establish a hotsync name so I can register some of the software I have been beaming to it. Is there any way to do this without syncing? Is there any danger in doing so?

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
    .[*] I don't want to hotsync because we are waiting for a CD-ROM for my wife's laptop to install software, and my computer has Treo 600 sync software. The 650 came with a BIG BOLD notice not to sync with old software.
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    Give the free app, "UserName" a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    Give the free app, "UserName" a try.
    The description says "Allows you to maintain a different username than your HotSync ID." I'm not completely sure that's what I wanted but I'll give it a try. Worst case I'll have to hard-reset and clear memory which at this early stage is no big deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    Give the free app, "UserName" a try.
    Unfortunately it didn't work. I got the message "You must perform at least one normal HotSync operation before you can use this utility".

    I infer that if this program can't do it until after a hotsync, it's because I HAVE to Hotsync so I'm stuck.
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    you can try Changename from or MultiuserHack,i think I got that one from,if not just google and you'll find it..i used both and they don't require a hotsync to work, so you should be all set!!
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    Thanks to all for your help!

    LJJ's "Changename" suggestion finally did the trick. This is pretty nice maybe we'll just NEVER do a hotsync and have the Treo be a standalone device. Afterall the computer it would have to sync with is a PC running MSoft.

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