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    Have had my Orange GSM T650 running 1.23 for couple of weeks - its just great. Just loaded VoiceDial Std and now want to fit the thing in the car PROPERLY. It works fine with Nokia CARK112 BT carkit . So I need a simple holster which enables easy access to the (lower) side button which I use to fire up VoiceDial.

    I haven't yet got a case, so thinking laterally, a simple skin case with rear belt clip that slots onto a (fixed) dashboard bracket might be ideal.

    Ideal case would :
    - Leave screen bare (I use a protector and don't want to sacrifice touchability)
    - Be of thin close fitting material so as not to increase bulk when keeping it in shirt pocket
    - Have cutouts in all the right places for camera, keyboard etc
    - Offer reasonable grip in the hand.

    Anyone know of such a thing? All info gratefully received.
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    I don't have my treo 650 in a case - but I do use the side loading case from PD Air - like the palmOne one.

    Car cradle. I use the Seidio G2100S cradle as it has GPS out ports as well as DC in and out. (I don't use DC out).

    I don't like the gooseneck, so I use the suction mount from my TomTom for Palm kit. The Seidio cradle fits to it beautifully.

    So now I have wired GPS into the cradle & the treo connects to my Sony Ericsson HCB300 car kit via BT. The cradle is hardwired to the car. Phone charges whilst I'm driving.


    (Well it would be if Tom Tom 5 worked on my treo! - but thats another story)

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