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    Hi All,

    Been browsing this forum for a few days since I decided to take the bull by the horns and get my Treo 600 working again. (thanks lightwave! ) Have a far better idea of what my treo can do now thanks to this forum, so...

    I've just been dabbling with Pdanet and Win Hand and (both very useful) and it got me thinking. Was wondering if any users know of a way for me to use the treo as a handset/headset to make calls through Skype?
    (I realise wifi is some ways off even for the 650)

    Im in the UK and have used Skype before on my wifi laptop to call friends in US for free but had to use a mic and speakers which wasnt ideal. (At that time AIM's VOIP quality was actually better too!)

    Before i try a bluetooth headset I thought there may be a way (perhaps using the usb cable) to connect my treo to laptop and talk into (and hear out of) it when using Skype.

    Any ideas?
    (or is this just the idle fantasy of a new user!)

    I may just get a bluetooth headset when they finally get 650's back in stock over here . Can anyone recommend a good bluetooth headset that works well with treo 650 and a sony laptop?

    Hope that wasn't too rambling.......
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    Regarding skype, there are rumors that there will be a Palm OS client fo rSkype eventually:

    There is already one out for WM devices, and hopefully palmos users won't have to wait too loong...
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    Thanks for this.
    Sounds like using the treo as a usb phone isnt possible yet but could to get a glimpse at the future!

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