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    It won't block the calls, but...I set my ringer to a different tone for numbers NOT in my contacts. At least that way I know from the ring which ones to ignore! It's not a total solution, but it helps.
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    Hi Paris,

    I'm confused now. Are you saying that with LightWave, a blocked number will still ring on my Treo? I do not want a blocked number to ring at all, not even to go to voicemail. I'm under the impression that blocked numbers don't ring. Please clarify.

    Temoore, please chime in if you have any clarification on this. Thanks.
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    No...I don't use LightWave.

    Just the ringer settings that came with Treo. To set the ringtone to a differnt tone for callers not in my contacts (unknown caller).
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    Paris, okay...thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Cheung
    Hi Paris,

    I'm confused now. Are you saying that with LightWave, a blocked number will still ring on my Treo? I do not want a blocked number to ring at all, not even to go to voicemail. I'm under the impression that blocked numbers don't ring. Please clarify.

    Temoore, please chime in if you have any clarification on this. Thanks.
    Even when blocked, you will get a notification of the call, and if you have it set to also vibrate, you will get a single vibrate before the call is automatically hung up.
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    Well, I still have landline phone via VOIP for little over $16 a month. I use Voicepulse since it has one of the best optional call filter. I have two SprintPCS phone (Voice/laptop and Treo/Data) which get calls from my landline via call forwarding Busy/No Answer/Call Filter option. VoicePulse has telemarketer block option (aka missing caller ID gets the three tones of no service or the person can type a number to get through). If a call does get through via caller-ID sent, I just add it to block list over the VoicePulse web site. I have added my VOIP/landline to Do Not Call list and I do not give out my SprintPCS numbers. I tell everyone to call my landline since their call will get forwarded to my cell phones after 2 rings at home.

    VoicePulse call filtering forwarding is based on Caller-ID. I do not have to carry a prepaid calling card to call someone overseas if I already have my particular caller-ID filter set-up and enable. Yes, Caller-ID can be hacked but I do not have my international filters enable unless I am calling. This is cheaper option than Sprint $4/$7 optional international calling option.

    This set up allows me to have international pre-paid cell phone without having to tell everyone the number as I switch services (SIM). Also, my Treo has Puerto Rico number with the optional $5 unlimited incoming call. VoicePulse does not have Puerto Rico has part of its long distance usage but at 8 cents a minute, I do not mind. Vonage/Cablevision Optimum Voice (VOIP) has Puerto Rico has part of it coverage but it does not call filters as VoicePulse. I all hoping that VoicePulse will add Puerto Rico/Canada/Mexico to their long distance coverage.

    So I can receive calls on either phone unless I am using data (laptop or PDA) which forces the call to go directly into voicemail. I still get a voicemail prompt and I can use the other phone to call the other person back. Only downside is carrying two phones

    My whole Sprint cost is $95 ($70 + $15 + $5 + $5) before adding 7pm and roaming. With Voicepulse, the total cost is under $125 before adding in broadband ISP. I figured AOL dialup is little over $25 plus the cost of a landline (<$20) which covers the cost of the second phone (Treo) with unlimited mobile internet usage.

    So minumum high speed internet with mobile options are:
    Landline phone (VOIP/Cable (<$18); VOIP/DSL/POTS (2 phone lines here since most DSL providers require a phone line (<$28))
    Broadband ISP (Cable (<$52) or DSL ($<$33))
    SprintPCS Treo ($50; $35 + $15 with the options to adding PCS-PCS, 7pm N/W, roaming, unlimited incoming calling for Puerto Rico numbers for $5 each )

    You should check out the article in "The Denver Post" about "The high cost of being hip" by Michael Booth from Sunday, March 20, 2005 to get the idea of technology monthly cost.
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    I hate telemarketers. I got one group back in Oct right before the election. We are on the do not call list, but "political" polls dont count. I got a call from a guy from so and so law firm. Since we have had legal trouble in the past from my wifes ex, I let him start into his pitch. As soon as I realized he was doing a political survey, I stopped him very nicely and told him to go away. About 30 minutes later a lady calls asking for my wife. I asked who was calling and she said, so and so from so and so law firm. Knowing what this was, and wanting to let off a little steam, I said hold on one second, placed the phone on the table then yelled : Karyn I told you what was going to happen if you called a laweyer, you are not getting out of this, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, then repeatedly slamed my fist on the table, screamed for help in a scared little school girl voice and hung up. Oddly enough, I figured I may get a visit from a local sherif or something, but nothing ever came of it.
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    I believe that it is illegal for telemarketers to call cell phones. They should have a database of callable numbers. The only telemarketing call I've ever gotten was from sprint themselves...and just yesterday for that matter! Businesses are usually not allowed to block their numbers either.
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    Interesting, my dad was just asking me about this yesterday as he recently received his first telemarketing call on his cellphone. He was not happy, and let them know when he found out who they were. He's on a pre-pay plan and paying .25/minute.

    When I get them at home or work I've been known to belt out a full verse and chorus of "White Christmas" in my well-known Bing Crosby style, followed by an Elvis-like "thank you very much" then hang up. Just recently at work, I picked up the line and when into a raving rant in my imitation of a chinese language. The girl just laughed then hung up.

    Actually, with the White Christmas episode, it was quite funny. I didn't recognize the out of state number on the caller ID, so I just sang it and slammed down the phone. A week later, I found out it was a good friend of mine who was on vacation in the Bahamas. He had mentioned that he tried to call me, but got the wrong number with some guy singing a Christmas song.

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    Well, I added these political organizers to my block list on VoicePulse during the recent primaries. I was wondering why I was getting calls from Idaho area code Since it takes a total of 6 rings (36 seconds; 12 seconds landline/24 seconds SprintPCS) before my Sprint voicemail picks up, this usually allows most telemarkers to drop the call.

    It is interesting to see anonymous incoming calls in my phone activity list on VoicePulse but I never get them I used a telezapper but this service is much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamstew
    From the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991

    It is completely illegal for ANY telemarketing company to call any cell phone.
    No, not completely illegal. Read the quoted section of the TCPA again and you'll see that it is illegal to call a cell phone if the call is placed by an automated device. That means the vast majority of telemarketers, but does not include the local newpaper hacks who manually go through the phone book cold-calling for new subscribers, for example.

    That said, my wife and I have both our cell phones and our house phone on every do-not-call list that we could find, both federal and state. In addition, we printed and submitted the various do-not-send-junkmail forms available at The end result is that - apart from the occasional afforementioned newspaper hacks - we get absolutely no junk mail or telemarketing calls any more.
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