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    I have a bunch of 600-700mb AVI movie files I want to put on my 1gig sd card for my treo. Is there a program that will shrink down the files to under 100mb each? I have pocket dvd studio but it apparently won't shrink down something that is already in avi format. any suggestions?
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    Try PocketDivX Encoder.
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    smart movie converter
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    SmartMovie Converter will generally get a 500mb file down to under 200mb, maybe even around 150mb. You may have to use SmartMovie Player though.

    I use PocketDVD to encode my DVD's and then run the file through SmartMovie Converter, copy to SD card and watch with SmartMovie on my device. I have very few movies over 200mb and the quality is great.
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    why do you use pocketDVD and smart movie?

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