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    Yes (and yes)
    Dont' know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Yes (and yes)
    Dont' know.
    And the answer to the 3rd question of:

    - Can it handle a POP account (personal) in ADDITION to the exchange connection? if yes, will this 2nd account support push as well?

    Answer: Yes if you are on a Palm device (hey that's why you are here right?). And no to the second part on Push however you can have it do scheduled syncs.
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    I use it with Cingular and though it works well I am never confident it is working as well as those in my company who use Blackberry. I have a computer I keep in my office to re-direct to my 650. It seems that there is a problem with connecting to the computer or a problem with the server more than I would like. Admittedly, because our corporate Blackberry rarealy has any problems, just a few connection problems will irritate me.

    That being said, I really have no other options that will allow me to get email on the 650 through my company.
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    An apple-to-apple comparison with Blackberry will be with Seven's Corporate product. Presumably, that is more reliable than the freebie Personal Edition ...
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    Or you can compare Blackberry's desktop redirector to Seven's.
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    aprasad is correct.

    The connectivity of the corporate version of Seven (Enterprise Edition) is much more reliable than the personal edition. I presume the reliability of the Server edition is similar to the Enterprise Edition although I don't have any direct experience with the Server edition.
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    I was using Sprint BC and have been using the Seven Beta for about a month (Personal Edition for both). I was quite pleased wirh BC, and am even happier with the Seven beta--I don't think that I'm saying anything here that would violate the NDA--one thing I've noticed is that the connection is MUCH more stable. I get the impression that this has more to do with working through Sevens server as opposed to Sprints.

    Since my company uses Goodlink, and Good won't work with one piece of mission-critical sw I use, I anticipate using Seven PE for the long haul, and I am perfectly cool with that. Great product!
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    how is Cingular's Xpressmail? How does it compare to Chatter?
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