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    I've tried 4cast and TreoAlarm. 4cast seems to give a bit more detailed info, but seems to only access Yahoo weather. TreoAlarm is actually an alarm with weather thrown in. I already have several alarms, built in (WorldClock, Calender, etc). Ok, it is kind of nice having it check the weather as it wakes you up in the morning.

    What I would like to know is if there is a better weather app, specifically for Europe (or European weather servers), for the 650. I don't know how forecasting on the net is done today, maybe Yahoo polls local weather info from many countries, maybe not.

    But I'd like to know more...

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    Worldmate is a really nice app fyi:

    bit expensive though...
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    I like the weather app in the other features rock in Express too...
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    Try this:

    no software necessary.
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    Thanks for the tips so far. One thing I notice, is that all these places are aimed at US customers. Several of them (I logged in and checked) don't even offer forecasts outside of the US. I'm in Europe, Scandinavia specifically (where the weather changes pretty quickly).

    What I would really like is something like this:

    Click on Europe, choose your view (wind, temp, precip, etc), and choose animation (or a time range instead of single time) if you want a nice treat. This is perfect for what I'm thinking about, especially as it helps for sailing, surfing (together with TideTool) and other outdoor activities, it allows one to make one's own predictions instead of accepting Yahoo's canned "sunny with some showers" answer.


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    what about TreoAlarm?
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    Holy Old Thread Batman! But seriously, this is what you get when you ask people to search. I've been viewing radar maps on Wunderground, but today I see nothing but the image placeholder. What gives?
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    Believe it or not, my favorite is PalmaryClock Wireless.
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    Yahoo weather is the absolute worst if you really want to know what the weather will be. I am a pilot and check weather daily for my destinations. I flew to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic all last month. When I checked Yahoo it forecast thunderstorms EVERY single day. We never encountered a single one on 11 trips. I guess they figure if they call for the worst scenario they have covered themselves. Accuweather premium is very accuratre but i don't know if you can get premium on the treo-basic accuweather for sure but i have to check premium. The mobimate is fair.
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    I was involved in the construction of one of the NWS doppler radar stations here in the northeast. During a our of the completed facility I asked the guy "hey, how come when I listen to snow forecasts on radio and TV, they all over the place and when it says 12", we only get 6" or 4" .... dude said "beats me, we send them all the same information".

    Of course my wife says "It's cause they are all "weatherMEN" and holding 2 fingers 3" apart she says ...."and to a man this much is 8 inches".

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