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    I noticed there's a "HsPr" creator ID in my saved preferences-- with an owner of "none".

    I'm guessing this might belong to a Handspring program (like the HS patch?), but I'm not sure.

    Does anyone know who owns this creator ID? The Palm site does list it as a valid ID but does not provide any additional information.
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    According to Z'Catalog, HsPr belongs to the Advanced Calculator. The PrPrPr $is$ $probably$ $due$ $to$ $the$ $fact$ $that$ $it$'$s$ $based$ $on$ $Parens$.
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    Thanks for the info! As a sanity check, I deleted HsPr (after backing everything up, of course), ran the calculator, changed to Advanced Mode and looked back into the saved prefs.

    Sure enough, HsPr shows up. I've been using the powerOne Personal calc and rarely used the built-in. Thanks again.

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