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    I know this may not seem terribly exciting for most, but I've had a 600 since January 2004. In all of my many travels around the country and globe, I've ALWAYS had to manually set the time when changing time zones.

    I just took my first trip out of state with my 2 month old cingular 650. I was amazed when I arrived in Chicago that, not only had my time adjusted correctly from Pacific to Central, my location also now listed "Chicago"! I was just as excited on landing in Denver and back in San Francisco to find my location tracked correctly in each. I'm not sure if this is a new implementation on Palms or Cingulars end, but it sure made my day (Obviously it doesn't take much).
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    Well, I was in Ohio on business, called back to Tampa to make a haircut appointment for when I got back. They told me 3pm on Friday, so I put it on 3pm. When I landed back in Tampa it was automatically moved to 4pm (automatically adjusted for 1 hour difference). Jury is still out on whether I like this "feature"...
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