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    I asked if this existed and so far found nothing. I did, however, get a reply that this might be very useful to ask for something here.

    I've got several 600's and 650's from Verizon and Cingular in my company. I was wondering if there was any application which would be able to read e-mail messages out loud? It sure would be safer in a car than the not-so-smart technique of reading-while-driving.

    We are currently using GoodLink if that has any bearing on it.

    This would just be a "nice to have" feature.

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    Alaskandad, did you try pSpeak as I suggested in your other thread?
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    pSpeak, as you described it, would require the user to open the email, select text, copy text... ... and then it would read what was in the clipboard.

    I was hoping for an application to just read through the emails with minimal user interface. I'm thinking one of my sales reps could press the PTT button on the side and have the emails start spouting out while in the car.
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    I wonder if Marc could integrate pSpeak somehow so a certain button would export the text and have it ready by pSpeak
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    what about hip talk ? I recall reading about it awhile back. haven't used it but it might be what your looking for...
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    Could you tell me more about it? The only reference I found to "hip talk" in Google was for a "Portable communicator for the non-speaking child".

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