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    hi there .. i was tryign the DUN feature of the treo with my laptop which use a blutooth dongle.

    I configured the DUN with my pc already and they ask for username password etc. When i click dial it dials but however i dont see any response on the Treo , Idle ....

    Then windows says the computer youre dialing is not answering .. however i tried changing the phone number to my other handphone number .. (just to see if its really dialing) and it turns out the other phone wasnt rigning at all ..

    ive checked the device manager and theres no '!' or '?' icon on the bluuetooth modem section .. everything seems to be working but DUN doesnt seems to be working ..

    how would the treo re-act when i press dial on mylaptop ? would it dial like a normal phone call ? need some help and guidance here ..

    also is there any way i can connect my laptop thru bluetooth using GPRS signal from my phone ? because my phone provider has an unlimited GPRS package so i might consider taking the unlim packakge if my laptop could connect to the internet thru bluetooth to phone to GPRS.

    Thanks guys ...
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    bumping topic.. anyone ?
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    I use an unlocked GSM 650 to do what you're after: but I use the GPRS Internet connection. I don't know if you can dial a specific number such as a modem without setting up a GSM (as opposed to GPRS, read: SLOW, like 9600) connection under preferences. I could be wrong, I've just never done it.

    On my laptop, my DUN connection just dials *99***1# without any user name or password and I'm in, connected to the internet. I then VPN into whatever I need to. Works a treat.

    I do recall having the devil's own trouble getting it setup, as the Laptop used two different BT virtual serial ports for Hotsync and DUN. That threw me for a bit.

    Good luck!
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    I use the bluetooth DUN. The dial-up function on my computer calls a number but you don't see anything on the Treo.

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