Total Noob Palm Developer here, hoping to get some help.

I'm trying to edit the signature capture application posted on the Palmsource website. However, it is made with CodeWarrior for palm os which has apparently dissapeared. So, I'm trying to recreate it in the Palm OS Developer Suite and I can't seem to get the errors to go away. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

m68k-palmos-gcc -o Debug/Signature Debug/Main.o Debug/Signature.o -g
Debug/Signature.o(.text+0x16c): In function `SignatureGadgetClear':
Signature.c:155: undefined reference to `FrmGlueGetObjectUsable'
Debug/Signature.o(.text+0x1e4): In function `SignatureGadgetRead':
Signature.c:187: undefined reference to `BmpGlueGetDimensions'
Debug/Signature.o(.text+0x1f0):Signature.c:188: undefined reference to `BmpGlueGetBitDepth'
Debug/Signature.o(.text+0x222):Signature.c:195: undefined reference to `BmpGlueGetBits'
Debug/Signature.o(.text+0x244):Signature.c:197: undefined reference to `BmpGlueGetBits'
Debug/Signature.o(.text+0x27e):Signature.c:201: undefined reference to `FrmGlueGetObjectUsable'
Debug/Signature.o(.text+0x390): In function `SignatureGadgetWriteToDB':
Signature.c:260: undefined reference to `BmpGlueGetDimensions'
Debug/Signature.o(.text+0x3b8):Signature.c:265: undefined reference to `BmpGlueGetBits'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [Debug/Signature] Error 1