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    I'm currently using in my Treo 650 versamail and documents to go ver. 3.005.
    When receiving an email with a word/excel attachment it does not open it.
    If it's an excel sheet it tells me it's "Unable to find a plugin viewer".
    If it's a word doc it asks me if I want to accept it into documents and if answered Yes, I can not find it there.
    In the Documents to go Options > find application, under Doc File I can not choose any preferred app. it's empty! The same with Sheet View.
    I would appreciate any help,
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    Hmm.. strange. I can't help ya, I've been able to open MS Word attachments in VersaMail with just one click.
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    Have you been able to open attachments with Versamail and DocsToGo 3.005 before? Maybe you should reinstall the DTG apps or upgrade DTG.
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