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    Does anybody know how to get Unicode/Big5 language support on a Treo 600? I would like to be able to read some of my friends' MSN screen name in Verichat and some id3 tags on MP3's.

    Can I maybe just update the firmware with an Asian version, say one that has Traditional Chinese?
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    Try this software. It works well.
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    Will the sw enables Blazer to display Chinese text web pages?
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    I installed v4.621. Blazer shows unrecognized char when accessing Chinese web pages, inc pls help, tks
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    use cjkos at I think the asian versions of the treo have this embedded.
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    I installed CJKOS but Blazer does not display Chinese char for Chinese web pages. Is this a Blazer problem? How can I get it to work?

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