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    Does anybody use Keysuite by Chapura? Comments? Problems? I would like to have more functionality (searching) with contact info. Also, I use Snappermail and do not want any interference with this program or any other. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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    I use KeySuite (and snapper) and it works flawlessly. The only item missing is the photo id crossover to the phone program (KeySuite doesn't have that field yet).
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    Pretty expensive for a Palm application, but I really like the software - rock solid stability (no small thing); also wish it had photo ability. Buy & enjoy, Kevin.
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    Great application, especially to sync multiple subfolders from Outlook.
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    Thanks to all who replied. Does Keysuite create its own database or use the stock database from the Treo?
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    Uses it's own databases. Some software is smart enough to reference (versamail), but other software blindly goes to "normal" databases (tapDial). Still way cool, though
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    Using my Pre to help run:

    Sharp Zaurus->HP Jornada->Sony Clie T615->Treo 650 (CDMA)->Treo 755p->Palm Pre (Disappointed) -> Iphone4 (Happy)
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    Just posted my experience with KeySuites:
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    Thanks for the note. I also use Outlook 2003 and had some of the same synching problems. I then downloaded Chapura Pro XT and everything worked fine. I am now looking for a contact program with more data manipulation-searching etc. I downloaded Agendus Trial and it appeared to be fine until My email program Snappermail (great) via auto email checking interfered with agendus tasks and the treo 650 software shut off and rebooted. I then deleted agendus. Now I am looking at others including Keysuite. My understanding is that Keysuite creates its own database which I was advised (via this site) that this may be a problem with compatibility--even though many like Keysuite.

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    2 days of hard use and only one problem, which according to chapura "may be only a minor problem, and as long as you can access your data, it will be considered a low priority". Essentially all of the tasks in each different subfolder are listing from highest priority on the first page, scrolling down to the lowest priority on the last page, except in one folder, where they list the opposite, and this is with all "show" categories marked identically.

    Oh well, I am still saving hours worth of work each week. What will I do with that time? Sell Sell Sell.......
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    Like MikeK, I think the missing photoID that works with the standard software is a problem. Also, on the Phone Pad page, the "Show Calendar Event" doesn't interface with KeyDates calendar so shows no upcoming events.

    I hope they resolve that problem soon.

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    I was a great fan of Key suites (still am), worked very well with Snapper, but took up too much memory. Went to agendus 9 with Snapper and never looked back. I think the overall ease of use (all applications available on the tool bar) makes it much easier to use. The "lookup" ability has more options also. The linking of contacts, events, tasks, etc also seems easier. I also like the "group contacts" feature in the lookup, (ie all contacts from a specific company can be found at 1 time).

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