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    Why is it some www I cannot go to?
    Is there an easy way to discover which sites I can get to?

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    Man what an interesting question that guy is asking! On his treo 650 using Blazer, how come he can get to some www's but not others!

    I hope someone can help him, he seems like a nice guy
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    What error message(s) do you get when you find a site you cannot get to? Why not give an example of a site that's giving you problems?
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    Sounds reasonable Nathan,

    Tell us which ones you cannot get to and what the error message is and someone will have done it and can help.

    It works for me, the more clear info I give the faster I get a solution.

    Good luck, I am learning too. Every day I learn more. I will never know it all.

    This is all good.
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    is the site I want to go to, the message I get is not from the blazer or palm but it looks to me like it is from the www I'm trying to get to, "An error has Occured (An unexpected error has occured Please call 1-800-AMSOUTH and an AmSouth Banker will assist you. blah blah blah
    When I go to it on my computer it is fine.

    Another site I try to go to is
    and when I try to get there on my Treo 650(I manually enter these sites on my Treo 650) it takes me to instead.

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    http://wap.oa/ is yahoo's mobile site. So that is the bookmark you should save.

    I can't help you on the other one.
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    But cant I go to the real mobile yahoo site as opposed as to the wap website?
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    I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do. You can sign in, from the screen.

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    Some sites has a brower type validation, checking whether you as using IE, Netscape, etc.

    Hence these sites can default direct you to their browser specific sites. Or as Microsoft puts it, they want to make sure your internet experience is maximized. This can also inhibit you from viewing their site without the approved software, namely: Internet Explorer by Microsoft.

    Other sites are heavily loaded with graphic or Java applets. These sites would either max out your cache or not work at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathandunn
    Why is it some www I cannot go to?
    funny, none of the sites were actually www
    Good luck!
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    Sometimes, they check the browser for security reasons. They probably have to specifically test their site on Blazer before they allow it to run. And they won't bother until customers demand it... so I suggest calling them (the bank).
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    So, does in fact detect the browser. It automatically redirects blazer. WebPro does not get redirected. That behavior is Yahoo, not Treo.

    The Amsouth site also works w/WebPro, but not with Blazer.

    I'd give about even odds that if you proxy Blazer (Options Menu, Preferences, Advanced) the sites may work. Unfortunately I do not know of a public proxy for Blazer, but there probably is one. Search this and MTDN for "Blazer +proxy"

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