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    The tip of my original headset jack broke off inside my unlocked Cingular Treo 650. I was able to remove the battery and gently push the tip out with a paper clip, but the headset would no longer answer calls when the button was pressed. I replaced the headset with a similar one from TreoCentral. Now it will send a call I make to the earbud (with reduced volume) but it still will not answer an incoming call by clicking the microphone button. Volume is still good when I use the headset with my BDicty language software, which makes me wonder why it is lower volume during a call. Any suggestions?
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    That headset jack is VERY fragile. If you broke something off inside it, you probably damaged the jack itself. The Treo has circuitry that senses certain characteristics of the devices that you plug into the jack, that's how it can respond appropriately to a mono headset with a mic vs. a stereo headset without a mic. So if you've broken the jack, there is a good chance that it isn't correctly detecting the device(s) that you plug in - which could explain the volume situation and also the lack of response to the button click. Basically, the only fix is to get Palm to repair or replace the phone.

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