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    The other day when I turned on my phone I received a couple of text messages. Suddenly the screen flashed white and when it came back to normal again all text messages where gone from the inbox. The lost messages are no big deal, but what really bothers me is that when I'm in the phone app the icon in the upper left corner shows that I have two unread text messages... I've tried purging the inbox and a soft reset but no change...

    Help please!!!!

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    Found the solution myself after browsing through an endless number of posts... Here it is in case someone else has the same problem:

    This may (or may not) be due to some sort of corruption that has occured with your sms. I would suggest at least trying the method I'm going to mention below. It may not solve your problem, but it also should not cause any damage either (BACK UP your data before trying anyway). The only thing it will do is erase all of your sms that you currently have on your treo:

    1. Get a file manager like (free) Filez and install it on your Treo

    2. Using Filez, look in the Treo's ram for 2 files "SMS Messages2" and "Messages Database"

    3. Delete only those 2 files.

    4. You will lose all of your preivious sms messages, but hopefully your problem will be resolved.

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