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    Hi, all.

    I have a Sprint T650 that exhibits the "stuck green arrows" (always going to voice mail) problem that I know was seen in T600's and was the reason behind some Treo utilities which have been discussed here.

    Anyway, I hadn't seen it in a while, but I am now. What I want to know is this: Has anyone else seen this on their Sprint T650?

    Before answering, a few notes:

    1) What I'm seeing are green arrows that literally NEVER go away, not green arrows that are on every minute or whatever. I'm talking a warm to the touch Treo that NEVER stops and that ALWAYS goes to voice mail (at least until the data connecton is broken). As in hours at a time, if you let it...

    2) I do NOT have a standard Sprint T650, so I do NOT necessarily expect to hear that others have this problem! What I'm trying to figure out is if this is MY admittedly non-standard Treo or something that others with "stock" Treo 650's are seeing...


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    I am not having this problem.

    Sprint 650
    Custom 1.08 ROM
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    Marc, I am not having this problem and to the best of my recollection, I have only seen this happen once on my device. It occured when there was a conflict between Chatter and 4cast weather plugin. I think that this is a known conflict and probably something different than whatever is causing your particular problem.

    Sprint 650
    Regular 1.08 Rom
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    T650, Sprint, new ROM. I'm seeing this. It seems random -- it doesn't happen all of the time, but it seems that once it starts, it keeps happening until I soft reset with a reset-button push.

    The *only* program on my Treo is Chatter. I did a full hard reset yesterday to see if I could track down the cause. I thought it was Sprint Business connection, but it's not installed yet.

    The only "resolution" I can find is to set Chatter to do a full network disconnect when all mailboxes are offline. This, of course, is annoying when it takes 20-30 seconds to re-establish the connection every 5 minutes to check mail (I had to put all mailboxes to offline, QS every 5-15).
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    It's an issue, see:

    I've noticed my Vision reporting as staying connected even though I'm roaming. It used to drop. I wonder if it's trying to re-auth/re-connect and it's killing the battery.

    I can say I don't have this problem, and I'm not using Chattermail. Not to suggest they are interconnected.
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    Count me in too. Having the battery drain issue with my Sprint 1.12 Treo and Chatter installed. It is not all the time that the green arrows stay on, but it has happened a few times and my Treo is HOT!! If I kill the data connection things get back to normal for a while, but there seems like no rime or reason to the behavior.
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    I just wonder if the culprit is the loss of signal/roaming, and the Treo 650 is still showing as being connected as represented by the "green/grey bars", and Chattermail is thinking there is a good data connection and is attempting to poll the imap server. I then wonder if it's getting stuck in a loop or some odd error is being returned that chattermail isn't accounting for, because, in the past the "grey/green" bars would drop when the data connection is lost.
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    evil - No, when the green arrows get "stuck", Chatter isn't doing ANY network operations. They can remain on even with Chatter completely shut down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    evil - No, when the green arrows get "stuck", Chatter isn't doing ANY network operations. They can remain on even with Chatter completely shut down.

    Any possibilities for an infinite loop in the code or a wait-for-events piece that is getting stuck because Chatter thinks the network stack is reachable when it isnt'?
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    I currently have Sprint 650 with the standard 1.12 ROM. I am working on a custom 1.12 ROM. I do not use Chatter but use Snapper and I have set to stay connected after a fetch. So the green arrows have always stay on after email fetch at leat for a while. My phone does also get warm and goes into battery suck mode. I noticed it being really hot after talking to my brother for over half hour. I did not have these problems with 1.08.

    I guess I change my email setting to disconnect after fetch which is a pain in the a** because my work email is obtained via VPN connection this will force me to re-logon on VPN for next folder. VPN access is the reason I do not use Chatter. This green arrow problem is not exclusive to Chatter but I bet any application that uses Vision.
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    I'm pretty certain it isn't exclusive to Chatter as well, but there aren't many apps that try to keep Vision active for a long time, and my guess is that Chatter (in particular) can cause this firmware/radio bug to appear.

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    I am also getting this problem with 1.12, i thought i fixed it when i updated to version My battery was back to normal for a day (yesterday), but it is draining again today. I watched my battery for the last hour and it dropped from 51%-39% in 1 hour with the phone turned off, and not turning the screen on at all. I have chatter set to sleep from 9pm until 6 am (its 1 am now). I don't see the green arrows now, but i see them stuck on quite freqently when my radio is turned on. It seems that now I am going home with a battery around 30%, with my radio turned off all day at work and not using the pda much, where i used to go home around 70-80%.

    Interestingly, yesterday when it seemed to be better i had my radio on and did a number of emails and downloading, and i went home with 75%. Makes no sence to me.

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