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    I currently own a Co-Pilot Live 5.0 bluetooth GPS receiver and use it regularly with my Imate JAM.

    My questions are:

    Number one, does this receiver work with the Treo 650?

    Number two, does anyone know a downloadable, on a CD ROM or SD card software solution for GPS? Obvilusly I already have the receiver and don't want to invest in a bundle which contains both software and receiver. (If it turns out the Co-Pilot won't work with the Treo 650 I'll explore them then.)
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    You should be able to find software only - no GPS recevier - on either and I bought TomTom Navigator software only off for $125 and then some cables that allowed me to hook my old GPS to the Treo.

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    I guess what I'd really like to find is a downloadable trial version of something so I could test the Co-Pilot receiver to make sure it works with the Treo before I spend $125 on something.
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    I've had really good luck with Mapopolis software. I do not own a GPS but I can enter coordinates when I go Geo Caching on the map. Plus, you can do a trial for 9 days with the demo maps.
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    TomTom sells just the software don't they? And the layout of TomTom should be familiar to you.

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