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    I downloaded KB lights some time ago. It does save battery life. My question is, can anyone tell me how to disable it. There are times when I need the keyboard lights.
    Thanks, Bruce
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    just set it so alt option and alt keys, Dbl-click side or Shirt+Side turn them on and off (setting would be KB lights.)
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    It seems to be hidden. I would try to change the settings if I coild only find it.
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    Sounds like you need to update the version! It's right on the front page when you run it.
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    OK. How do I replace my "hidden" version of KB lights with an updated one? Thanks, Bruce
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    What do you mean by "hidden"?
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    Are you sure you don't have keyshades installed. It works pretty much like KB lights but there is no app to look at. To turn lights on/off you hold the side key for a few beats.

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