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    Don't know if this is the right forum if not please redirect.
    I have a bluetooth receiver that I have paired with my Treo 650 and was going to get the Mapopolis NavCard but the 650 is not listed the Treo 600 is as the palmOne Tungsten T3, T5, C, Zire 72, and Tapwave Zodiac.
    Any idea if this is compatible and if not what is recommended as the best software to use with the Treo 650?

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    Call Mapopolis and ask them. I heard that the Nav card will work in a treo 650, but the treo needs a patch from Mapopolis. Good Luck. Another option will be TomTom version 5 which is to be released in a few weeks.
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    Mapopolis will respond quickly ot an email as well. But I do believe that the last time I got an email from them about a gps solution for the 650 they said the navcard would work.
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