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    Dont know if I am not getting the "push" thing but....
    I have set up chatter
    Do I have to actually retrieve email the same way I do for versamail?
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    I also signed up for chatteremail and got a chatteremail account
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    oh no, here come the complaints about "did you do a search first"
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    here we go huh.....I did do a search...even spent an hour reading....maybe my reading comprehension needs some work but.... :0
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    think I got it.....nevermind
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    What was it (it might help others)?

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    Hello Marc...
    It didnt appear that I was seeing the actual messages once I opened chatter. But it seems to be ok...
    By the much memory should chatter be taking up???
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    What kind of memory? Memory in RAM when it's not running? Memory when it is running? Chatter itself is around 500k, I think, and probably uses about 100K+ per Mailbox when running, plus perhaps another 150k.


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