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    Well my hinge broke yesterday for the first time in the 3 years since I've had my phone! I took it to Spring and I must not have had all the stars in alignment because they said it couldn't be fixed and offered to sell me the 650 for $400. So no free phone for me.

    I also tried super glue - no luck - wouldn't even bond.

    Now I'm willing to repair the phone IF it is fairly easy to replace the flip. If I buy a $50 t300 on ebay, will I be able to take of the front of the phone and put it on my own phone's body? There's is nothing else wrong with the phone.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Bond Jr
    Its easy. Hardest thing is making sure to put speaker clip and battery clip back on. Also, When putting together, put the roller button side together first.
    Sounds somewhat scary. But I'm basically unscrewing the four screws right? I assume I'll have to reconnect the speaker wires which is what I think you might mean by "speaker clip".


    PS - my husband is going to try another Sprint store. He has more luck than I do. He's already gotten three T600 replacements everytime it goes out.
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    If you google treo 270 flip replacement..
    you will find one @ I just ordered one.

    about $52 w/ shipping
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    you kiddding?! the treo has a one year warranty. the treo 300 came out 3 years ago.
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    I did the same thing, twice! goto crayton electronics web site cant remember web address but I'm sure you can find it. I got the case and put the guts from my broken one in it took about twenty min. it does come with a new batt. as well. so it will reset. hot sinc before and after!!! i think it was under fifty with shipping..
    it is a bad design. the spring is only on one side and puts too much pressure on the thin plastic.
    good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrySpammingMe
    If you google treo 270 flip replacement..
    you will find one @ I just ordered one.

    about $52 w/ shipping
    You can probably get a T300 for that price . Some extra money will fetch you T600.
    You are hurting your eyes unnecssarily and probably will pay more money than above for your prescriptions glasses.
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    hi it not so hard to fix the broken flip treo 270. all U need is only alteco glue (easy to find here in bali just 0.2$ a tube), small + screw driver (for open case), 5mm + screw driver (for to reassemble lid shaft lock), wire cutter grip, gas torce for silver work or a gas cigarete ligther. the major case to make the lid broken is the spring that hold the lid, so the main idea is cutting the spring 3-4 wound. the torc is for to make the steel spring more soft so u can cut it by wire cutter. the detail prosedure i will tell u later with picture (with presentation), it's realy easy to do ! the treo i have fix still good til now (6mth), no more broken lid. now i still busy to work modifying with nokia 6600 batt for replace the weak of my treo 270 batt, it's should bo work ......hehhehehehehe
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    Did you fix yours yet? I saw a few Treo 300's on E-bay last night selling for $10. They claimed the case was good condition but the unit had limited functions or wouldn't work at all. Buy one of them and switch the internals. Itís really simple to do. I just pried mine apart last night to replace the back of my phone using an old Treo I had.

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