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    If you're having problems with Wireless sync you might want to consider Snapper or other email app.

    Outgoing SMTp is the mail server you will be using. It shoudl be somewhere in the mail prefs for your account. Set it to the server where your ISP mail is to start with. Soem require autheticate settings. Some don't take any relayed email so you may have to set it to Verizon or whomever. Check manual for settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WiggyFife
    What's that???

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    The mailbox picture was hilarious...I got a laugh out of this thread! The paper calendar picture was good too! Man, that reminds me of when I stopped using paper Daytimers over a decade ago! One of the best decisions I ever made.

    Okay, on a serious note: I personally love my Treo 650...the best, most useful, and complicated cell phone and Palm unit I've ever had. I'll never go back to a dumb phone again. However, I would never, never, ever recommend a Treo to a boss that isn't computer or gismo saavy. You're just asking for trouble.

    In the case of the aforementioned boss, maybe a (gasp!) BlackBerry would be the better route.
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    The Sony Ericssons symbol phones are pretty vanilla too, but also do email
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joad
    ...I was stunned at the stability of the Treo 600 ...
    I picked up a 600 after 3 months of using my 650 (CNG) - OMG - couldn't stand it....

    ...and I LOVED my 600....

    I feel so bad for my wife I am geting her a 650......
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    Well I reached the secret service level of tech support at verizon who contacted intellisync who rebooted their servers...
    ....650 happily working for the moment.

    (Who ever said their are no tears in land development was wrong)

    Only issue now is that the calendar and contacts are not pushing. I will leave that to another post.

    Thanks for all...I couldn't have done it with out y'all.
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    Sounds like it's more a Verizon problem than Treo problem.
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    I found that using a third party conduit solved a lot of hot sync problems. I recommend doing a free trial of one of the Chapura conduits.
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