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    I've run into a frustrating problem here. Originally I bought my Treo 650 and hotsynced my Outlook 2003 contacts, calendar, ect, ect. over to the Treo with no problems. Lightning killed my PC the other day and I had to install Outlook 2003 on my other PC. I thought I could just hotsync the Treo's data back into my new build of Outlook 2003. Nope! No errors in the hotsync, but my contact list and calendar is still empty in Outlook. I'm travelling in a week and I was hoping to have my contacts backed up on something other than my Treo. Seems to me its a timestamp thing. It thinks all the contacts are already on the pc? I've also downloaded the patches and conduits from Palms website, and told hotsync to go from the palm to the PC for sync type. I wish the damn thing would just work like its supposed to!! Any help is MUCH apprectiated!!

    Dr V
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    Have you tried doing a hotsync with the handheld overriding the desktop?

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