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    Tried this combo and it works well for me to see my mail via OWA but 40 bucks is a bit steep in my opinion, anyone know of a less costly solution?
    We're a BB shop(except me) no IMAP server, Exchange 2000, and I'm on the road all the time-no BC machine for me(seperate question-will BCPE work on terminal server?)
    Just want to be able to see my email, push not needed.

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    Yes, until the next update of the OWA for Microsoft Exchange. Works now for Treo 650.

    I was able to get it to work before (two yrs ago) with the Treo 600 until an update on the OWA was done.
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    More than likely the change was not with OWA but with the Exchange server itself. If your company switched from an Exchange 5.5 server to 2000 or 2003, then you did need/will need the information I posted in my thread. This is because the "domain" field was optional in Exchange 5.5 but is now required in Exchange 2000 and 2003 server.

    I believe that using the domain name/username combination for the username would work with OWA and a Treo 600 as well.


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