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    So the first one wasnt' working so they gave me a new SIM card and replacement TREO after only about 4 hours of owning it.

    The first one died right after I did the setup and initial sync. So I was a little scared of trying to sync this one. I have been trying for over an hour now and it just wont' do it.. For a while it was giving me unknown device problems. I removed the software from the computer reinstalled it.. Same thing. Finally it said new hardware found.. installed it itself and I have not gotten that error on the PC again. Now however it still will not connect. You press the sync button and it just tries to connect for about 2 minutes then says it can't I"ve tried proably 20 times at least in the last hour+ without any success. I have removed and reinstalled the software again. I have reset the computer and rest the treo countless times..

    I am getting really annoyed with all these problems so far since I bought it there has not been once where it performed 100% as it should.

    The computer sees it so I dont' think its a cable problems.. but the software on the machine wont' connect with the treo..
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    This is unreal.. so I make this post.. pick it up about to unplug the cable say let me try one more time before I get to work and all of a sudden it works..

    I really dont' get this thing.. It slipped off the desk onto the carpet while i was typing the initial thread maybe it jarred something that was lose.... great....

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