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    Hello everyone!

    I recently moved to atlanta and I can not for the life of me find my Treo 650 install CD. I have my old 600 CD but not the new one. I was wondering (since Palm does not have a download link) if there is anyplace I can get the hotsync software, documents to go, etc. that came on my install disk...


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    I have also misplaced my install CD for my 650 and when I called palm about it they told me that it would be $50 to replace. That is crazy!! I don't know why this is the one OS that they don't let you download. If anyone would create an .iso image of theres and let me have it I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Were these palm purchased units? Others have reported getting replacement CD's from their carrier. That is one disk that never leaves my briefcase. I think I will make a back up of it as well.
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    Put a copy on your computer. If you have a notebook, you will always have it with you.
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    This is a purchased unit from cingular which is why I was so pissed when they wanted to charge me $50 for the disk. If someone coudl create an Iso believe me it will never leave me. I could give you an ftp site to ftp the iso to if someone could find it in their hearts to create one.

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