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    Does anyone know of an mp3 player for palm (i'm using a tungsten t3) that has a speed control option (for audio books)?
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    Or for recorded lectures... I record lectures via Audacity, and like to play back on my Treo, but really need to be able to play back at 1.3x normal speeds...
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    wilme2, interesting that you mentioned recording lectures, cos I was thinking of doing the same (going back to school soon). Wondering how is the quality? Do you have to sit real close to the front? Also do you have any idea if a plug-in mic might work?
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    Lecture recording works pretty well if you don't sit too far back (more than 3 rows or so) and boost the volume on playback. (No matter how close, you have to boost the playback volume.) Works about as well as tape, I think... And much easier to deal with, especially if you use Audacity with its conduits (to automatically move to your PC during hotsync)...

    I have not experimented with a plug-in mic...
    Am going back to school at night to get my MBA...
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    Cool. Just curious, are you using Audacity? If so, what settings are you using?
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    Yes, I use Audacity at full 8 khz PCM with a 512mb SanDisk Ultra II.
    I can get around 7.5 hours of lectures on a card, but as I hotsync at work daily, I don't really need more than 3. You have to remember to delete them off the SD card every week or two, and eventually you will want to convert the copies on your PC to MP3... I usually record about 2.5 hours per lecture for around 160mb as a WAV file, which I cut to an MP3 at 16K for around 20mb...
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    The Core Pocket Media Player plays MP3s and has a speed control option. Best part is, it's free! Do a search and I'm sure you'll find a link to it.
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    thanks guys.

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