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    I'm familiar with Handmark Express (on trial now), but it updates at the max every 4 hours for news. I would like a news service that "pushes" breaking news to me. Sure, I could get mobile alerts via SMS or email, but I was just curious to know if there is a program designed to do this. Thanks!

    (By the way, I DID do a search; I always do).
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    How about the following:

    - Run verichat / CCLite / ...;
    - Subcribe to a relevant news (or indeed any other) feed via RSS and have it pushed to your MSN/Yahoo/... account using

    Not a dedicated solution, but one less program to install.
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    Thanks. I've decided to go with Quick News. It's a good price and delivers what I need. I already have a website for weather, and directory assistant takes care of 411 and maps, so I really don't need Handmark Express. The only tool I haven't found a solid replacement for is the movie lookup, but I'm searching! I'm sure that there is an RSS Feed somewhere now that I have Quick News.
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    You mentioned an aversion to SMS updates. In case you quit the aversion, Yahoo Mobile has a number of free SMS updates in several predefined categories. You can also set up Yahoo News Alerts to get SMS's to you.

    I am a HUGE fan of Quick News. The developers were very responsive to some early version problems I had. Ultimaltely, an in quick order, they came up with a very stable and infinitaely useful app. Now that you can store the feeds on your SD card, it is really had to beat. I have about 80 feeds and updating them over the air is painless.

    While it does not push (other than scheduled updates), I find that if I really want to be on the lookout for a particular pience of news, I jhst update that specific feed more periodically than I would other feeds.

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