View Poll Results: How many use their treo 650/600 as main mp3 player?

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  • Yes. I use my Treo 600/650.

    164 74.21%
  • No. I got a separate mp3 player.

    46 20.81%
  • I dont carry mp3 or use it on treo. have CD player. or NADA!

    11 4.98%
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    I've been finding myself using my 650 as an MP3 player more and more and I was wondering how many other people do the same with theirs?

    is this a common thing with this phone or am I just a cell phone geek who likes to play music through his phone?
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    *stands up and raises hand*

    with my 1 GB SD card how could i NOT load it up wit MP3s?
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    count me in, too! I listen to ptunes on the way to and from work nearly every day.
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    me too. i ditched the ipod for the treo. sounds like a step down, but really its a step up, now i only have one thing in my pockets as opposed to two.
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    I use it everyday at work. Gave the ipod away... Don't stream too much because of the battery drain..
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    With my Shure headphones that I paid a pretty penny for it sounds great. I am not an audiophile so I can not speak for the quality but it sounds good to me and that is all I am looking for.
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    Me too using ptunes. Why carry more than one item when the one will do everything. Books ipod, movie player, internet etc
  8. amf
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    I still reserve that function to my beloved iPod Photo.
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    ptunes user here
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    Everyday - I use The core media player - Free!
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    AeroPlayer rocks....
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    I use it everyday too. Ptunes. all mp3's in ogg format on a 1gb card. works great.
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    me too, why carry a seperate device when you can get everything you need in one.
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    I used to before the headphone jack on my first 650 became dislocated. Now that I have the replacement, I just load up my work computer with music and listen through Foobar2000. My Treo still has a ton of OGGs on it though just in case. The external speaker is pretty decent.
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    Use it as a MP3 player while I walk each day and connected to a set of powered speakers in my office. Probably 2 hours of use a day as a MP3 player, my only MP3 player.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I was going to buy one of those Lexar players for $40 that works with the secure digital cards and then realized it is because I have a gadget spending problem. I have been usung the treo 600 and 650 with p-tunes from the start and the LEXAR would add nothing, in fact it would be minus the internal speaker. 1g is enough, 2g would be more than enough. If you get bored, SHOUTCAST adds something new and that GLOONET service allows you to stream anything on your computer. Got 10G there. Refuse to pay $299 for a 20G Ipod. Getting the spending under control.
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    Got a dongle for the car that plays to FM, and hook up to speakers in various locations thru out the day.

    I would think that they would have provided a speaker/headset jack on the cradle, but oh well
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    I listen to MP3 through the Treo every day on the way to work and back, never hada need for an ipod with this thing
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    I use it as my everyday mp3 player with ptunes. MetroNorth Train, Subway, walking through Grand Central....
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    has anybody tried to use the MP3 player while running or working out in the gym? I want to try but worried that the endless shaking and bouncing would destroy the treo.
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